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Ministry to women must be grounded in a biblical understanding of what God’s Word says about the issues we face. Beyond the Roles brings together an ethnically & generationally diverse group of authors to respond to contemporary issues. Collectively, they remind us of the importance of ministry rooted in gospel truth.

Join Ann Maree Goudzwaard, Sarah Ivill, Vanessa Hawkins, Abby Hutto, Ellen Dykas, Christina Fox, and others as they help us respond biblically to the issues we face as we minster to women.

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Discover the Sweetness of Gospel Care

This eight-part series will help churches, small groups, and individuals be empowered to embrace the call to minister to others in the mess of life. It will guide you to lovingly minister in light of the gospel. This study will inspire confidence to help those who are hurting, confused, or caught in sin. It is designed to encourage greater wisdom in addressing the multitude of problems and situations that will arise in your own life and the lives of those around you.

Ultimately, this study is designed to help you grow in love for those God has placed in your life.

Together with the team at IBCD, Ann Maree helped produce this 9-part series for counseling domestic abuse. Pastor and biblical counselor Chris Moles, author of the book, “The Heart of Domestic Abuse," and pastor and author Jeremy Pierre portray a challenging abusive situation, one you might never expect. This approach helps illustrate the difficulty for those who encounter abuse.

Advocate Joy Forrest joins Craig and Darci Marshall of IBCD to round out the case, demonstrating the team-based approach that is imperative for handling the difficulty of abuse dynamics. Post-session debriefs and roundtable discussion also walk viewers through the development of the case. 

The companion Resource Handbook, written and edited by Ann Maree and the IBCD team, guides the participant through the vast nuances of domestic abuse. 

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